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1st EAI International Conference on Innovations and Interdisciplinary Solutions for Underserved Areas

April 11–12, 2017 | Dakar, Senegal

Special Session on Development Innovation Learning and Innovation in Learning 

Co-Chaired by:

Prof. Fred McBagonluri, Associate Professor, Ashesi University, Ghana

Dr Natéwindé Sawadogo, Assistant Professor, University of Ouaga 2, Burkina Faso

Dr Rose Omari, Assistant Researcher, CSIR-STEPRI, Ghana  


Motivation and rationale

Development discourse emerged in the 1940s alongside the idea of innovation. Innovation meant technology transfer from particularly Western countries to non-Western countries and Africa in particular. Since then learning approaches have been developed to support the diffusion of foreign technologies. From the end of 1980s, and for Africa from particularly the 2000s, a radically new approach to technological change has been establishing. This approach is not only systemic, but also at its heart lies the idea that learning is central to innovation and thus technological changes. From policy circles to end users such as farmers through to high education and research, scholars have been active in investigating the best learning technologies to support development innovation diffusion. This special session sets up to take stock of these existing by yet disperse thoughts and experiments in order to chart new directions for developing evidence-based approaches to sustainable innovation ecosystems in Africa and developing countries more generally. What learning approaches for innovation diffusion has been developed since the first of half of the 20th century and what new ones emerged in response to renewal in innovation theory and practice and in the context of expanding information technology and communication?


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:  

v  Innovation capacity building

v  Innovation and entrepreneurship in Higher Education

v  Approaches to Innovation Diffusion

v  Approaches to Evidence-based Policy making

v  ICT and innovation Learning

v  Gender, innovation learning and entrepreneurship


Scientific Committee

v  Prof. Mammo Muchie, Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa

v  Dr George O. Essegbey, Science and Technoloy Policy Research Institute, Ghana

v  Prof. Fred McBagonluri, Ashesi University College, Ghana​

v  Dr Godfred K. Frempong, CSIR, Science and Technoloy Policy Research Institute, Ghana  

v  Prof. Herve T. Somé, Ripon College, USA

v  Dr. Michael Ngoasong, Open University, United Kingdom

v  Dr. Rev. Kaboré François, Institut Universitaire Jésuite, Cote-d’Ivoire

v  Dr Natewinde Sawadogo, University of Ouaga II, Burkina Faso

v  Dr. Martin Donani, HO Polytechnic College, Ghana

v  Dr. Eveline Compaoré Sawadogo, Institute for Environmental and Agricultural Research, CNRST, Burkina Faso

v  Rose Omari, Science and Technology Policy Research Institute, CSIR, Ghana

v  Mr. Moussa Yarbanga, Yarmotek, Burkina Faso


Please submit your paper before the SUBMISSION DEADLINE.

Please find the Call for Papers here - Special Session CFP